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How to Simplify Your Wardrobe

You probably love to buy clothes, but in the end you always end up wearing the same thing, and those are your favorite clothes. It seems like a rule that women go to their closets and feel like they have nothing to wear even if it's full of clothes. Many women spend a lot of money on clothes, more than they have, and end up not wearing them all. Most women probably think that having many more clothes will be better. Nothing is wrong with buying clothes, but you have to know how to simplify your wardrobe, even with more apparel. You should give away any item of clothing you no longer need before making a new purchase, if you want to simplify your wardrobe.

Simplify your wardrobe: How to create a capsule wardrobe

It is open to experimentation and is committed to complying with the guidelines that we will show you below. You don't have to be so strict about whether you should buy new clothes or not. However, try to make a wise purchase and not an emotional one. Let us look at some of the styles you should consider to simplify your wardrobe.

Clean and organize your closet

The best way to do this is to empty your wardrobe first. It may seem like a lot of work, but it's worth it. Take the clothes you no longer need and put them on your bed. Then, organize the items into groups so you can simplify your wardrobe.

You could separate into four groups:

  1. In one group, to simplify your wardrobe, you would place the elements that you like the most and that you would like to use right now. You will choose the ones that fit you well right now, with which you feel comfortable and confident. You can put those back in the closet again.

  2. The other group will be those items you are unsure about. Those that do not fit you so well, maybe you do not like the color so much, that have a sentimental value, that it is simply difficult for you to get rid of them. You could have paid a lot for them, but you still do not use them. You could store these in a box. And if some time passes and you have not worn any of them, then say goodbye to those clothes.

  3. The next group should be items you need to donate or give away.

  4. The last group consists of items such as coats, scarves and other things for winter. You will keep them in a special box and use them when the season is right.

Check the items you have left in the closet, that is, the clothes you like the most. Those garments left in the closet will help you define your style. And from there, you could start thinking about shopping. Have a plan for what you want to buy and fill in those empty spaces.

Basic elements for your wardrobe

The best thing you can do to have a capsule or minimalist wardrobe is to start by choosing your style. There are several options to choose from: classic, feminine, boho, eclectic, casual, sporty and glamorous. Then, it is basic to choose a color palette, that is, tones that go together. In addition, it adds textures and prints.

The idea is that you buy basic or neutral elements and then give a special touch to your looks with accessories and shoes. If it doesn't seem like you'll look so good, you can buy colored tops and have neutral accessories. And, if you don't like that, you can try selecting items of three complementary tones, to mix and match in a simple way. Learn more about how to simplify your wardrobe.

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